Sherpa Intensive: Bulletproof Agile Coaches & Players

Sherpa Intensive: Bulletproof Agile Coaches and Players is a two-day intensive workshop for those Agile Coaches and Agilist who want to dramatically increase their skills and effectiveness as Agile Coaches and members of teams committed to producing real world outcomes with power, affinity and fulfillment.

Most extoll the value of a “safe environment” but few have ever seen one. Bulletproof coaches don’t need them – they can coach effectively in any environment.

This workshop is a deep dive into the foundations that lie at the source of effectively leading, facilitating and coaching people and teams under any conditions. Ontological distinguishing and exercises reveal misconceptions, debunk popular myths, eliminate force, manipulation and popular “techniques” in favor of a natural and authentic expression of who you are. The clarity and power that results gives new access to results that simply were not possible before. From this new model, you will unleash your ability to create engagement, lead and follow in a profoundly new way.

Pre-requisite: Breakthrough Being Agile & Scrum Values Workshop, 1 year experience

Who will benefit from this workshop

  • Scrum Masters
  • Teams of Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners and Project Managers
  • Managers & Directors
  • Agile Coaches
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
  • Executives

Outcomes of the Bulletproof Agile Coaching Workshop

  • Gain skill in new level of communication that is empowering AND authentic, straight and direct – even in the face of failure
  • Learn never be triggered or reactivated again – at least for very long without laughing hardily
  • Be able to receive any communication from anyone with power, freedom and no loss of self
  • Develop deep skills in operating from an Ontological Methodology and facilitating from Theory U
  • Learn new deep patterns for all Agile and Scum meetings and ceremonies that are designed to honor and instill the Agile Values at all times – and produce results with velocity
  • Be intimately related to reality, able to identify and deal with all unreality on a team and on any project
  • Identify how to express your Originating intention with any person at any time
  • Be trained to begin to identify and relate to “who people really are” and start to generate your stand for people under any circumstances
  • Be developed to be gentle and straight at the same time – with zero need for technique nor artifice
  • Not stopped ever again by resistance, resignation or cynicism – theirs or yours