The Pathway: Breakthrough in BEING Agile

The Pathway: Breakthrough in Being Agile is a 2-day intensive workshop that gives you a critical access to being Agile, getting beyond merely knowing or doing Agile. One can train in doing, but BEING only comes from deep developmental work. This workshop focuses on the developing the foundational skills needed for each person to follow the pathway to embodying the Scrum Values and express them in any environment.

The playbook of Agile depends on the environment or culture that exudes Scrum Values. The promise of Agile is just not possible without them. Thankfully there is a reliable methodology to distinguish and instill values in a real and lasting way, directly enhancing the experience of work and creating meaningful increases in value generated by teams.

Who will benefit from this developmental workshop

  • Scrum Masters, Team Members
  • Product Owners and Project Managers
  • Managers & Directors
  • Agile Coaches
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
  • Anyone looking to address organizational culture and values necessary to have Agile Transformation thrive (as described by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland

Outcomes of the Pathway: Breakthrough Being Agile Workshop

Conducted as Minimum Viable Moves in the Pathway game, each person undergoes a unique transformational experience, leaving them with a direct access to operating from their Originating Intention and the Agile & Scrum Values.

  • Distinguish Tools, Training and Development and become proficient in identifying the value of each of these separate realms
  • Develop skill in operating from an Ontological Methodology and MIT’s Theory U
  • Gain deep insights from coaching and feedback on your communication and facilitation skills
  • Identify and Deconstruct views of you self, of others, work that no longer serve you – dramatically increasing “consciousness” and awareness
  • Have a breakthrough in your relationship to results, actions, measures and reality and how they impact performance at any level
  • Uncover the source of cynicism and resignation in the workplace and how to restore engagement
  • Never be triggered or reactivated again – at least for very long without laughing hardily
  • Discover your “Originating Intention”, your unique access to contributing at your highest and most fulfilling level
  • Develop your “approach”, a critical aspect of identifying where and how you are best suited to contribute and be profoundly fulfilled
  • Have a profound breakthrough in your ability to communicate, to listen powerfully, and to meaningfully collaborate
  • Gain skill in creating and conducting core Agile ceremonies and meetings that make a real difference, and killing off those that don’t
  • Develop an action plan, practices for bringing the Agile values to life in everyday work experience – including preparation for weekly the Agile & Scrum Values developmental calls