Base Camp - Bulletproof Kick Ass teams - XT: Extreme Teaming

Once you have followed your pathway to the clearing, it is time to get your climbing team ready to climb at Base Camp. New tools will be required to powerfully scale the mountain together – and increased awareness to avoid the dangers inherent climbing a worthy mountain.

Base Camp – Bulletproof Kick Ass Teaming is a 2-day intensive workshop full of robust real-world experiences that have a team emerge worthy of great challenges. Learn to operate from the Playbooks and Pathways methodology to deepen the transformation at the level of team: Tensegrity.

Truthfully, one of the core assumptions that Agile is based on is the phenomenon of TEAM, as opposed to “workgroup” or collection of work hostages. Anyone who has been on a world-class team instantly knows the difference – and the results and sense of deep fulfillment that comes with being on a real team. No team, no Agile – just that simple. To see what a real Scrum team looks like – check out the New Zealand All Blacks (

Why bulletproof? Because there are bullets. Bulletproof Teams are the foundation of cultural transformation, they can stand up to the status quo and are immune to politics and pressure.

What does it take to form a Kick Ass Bulletproof team? Find out.

Who will benefit from this intensive Workshop

  • Scrum Teams
  • Teams of Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners and Project Managers
  • Managers & Directors
  • Agile Coaches
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
  • Executive Teams

Outcomes of the Base Camp Workshop

  • Gain skill in new level of communication that is empowering AND authentic, straight and direct – no spin - even in the face of failure
  • Develop integrity at the level of Tensegrity – a game changing realm of operating that will alter your experience of life in each moment, in each realm
  • Develop deep skills in operating from an Ontological Methodology and facilitating from Theory U
  • Be intimately related to reality, able to identify and deal with all unreality on a team and on any project
  • Be directly coached in real time, uncover a willingness to transform anything with alarming velocity
  • Discover what really works about you, your approach and your unique contribution to the team
  • Get beyond being stopped or selling out in the face of threat, including threats by situations, people or organizations
  • Discover the true power of team to generate your success and recover your true self when you are unconscious
  • Identify and learn to deconstruct all of the team games that destroy fulfilment and results
  • Never be satisfied with average teams and mediocre results ever again
  • Be prepared to begin the process of creating a worthy game for your team

Pre-requisite: Breakthrough Scrum Values