About Us

We are a group of Agile coaches, Scrum masters, and consultants that are here to help your teams improve. Perhaps you are seeking hyperproductivity, or just need to get your Agile team(s) back on track. We can help.

Our larger clients also entrust us with managing company-wide Agile rollouts for dozens or even hundreds of teams across multiple offices. We can train your Scrum masters to rock the Scrum, and show your company leadership how to best empower your teams and affect the bottom line for the better.

It isn't just changing what you do; it's changing how you do it. We specialize in bringing you everything you need to rock Agile transformations at any scale.

AMP for All

The Agile Mentoring Program is an Open Source package of tools, exercises, and resources that can explore, explain, and sharpen your team's skills and Agile prowess. We are proud to be world leaders in facilitating AMP for both private and public groups.


Dawn Wills - CEO

Dawn holds a Bachelor of Science from Grand Canyon University and has a background in Systems Analysis at GE Aviation. Currently working as an Educator, she completed the Ed Tech Summer Institute MiniMERIT program in 2016 provided by Krause Center for Innovation. This year, she is a Fellow in the KCI Tech Leaders Fellowship, a yearlong commitment focused on learning, teaching, leading and reflecting. Her involvement there was recently acknowledged with a Google products technology award to utilize for future instruction. She is constantly striving to learn more and encourages others to do the same.






Brian Wills - President

Brian Wills is a creative and insightful leader, focused on helping others build their careers. Embracing the philosophy of “leave no mark behind,” Brian Wills is a Certified Scrum Professional and Master Agile Coach who empowers others to build their careers and lead thriving Agile Transformations on their own. His experience spans from High-Tech in Silicon Valley to Global Finance in NYC. He enjoys speaking on the topics of Agile Transformation as well as Culture Change ranging from an industry conference format to one-on-one mentoring sessions. In his spare time, he enjoys leading the Silicon Valley Lean Lunch Meetup and spending time with his wife and children in Santa Clara, CA.




Kelly George - Chief Operations Officer

Kelly's passion for building and leading the best teams and empowering them to achieve greatness is evident within five minutes of meeting her. She excels at managing fast-paced, complex, large-scale projects within diverse environments. Kelly truly has a clear knack for making teams click and mentoring others to play to their strengths. In her over fifteen years in the Technology sector, she has held several positions with increasing responsibility resulting in a unique mix of breadth and depth of experience that she leverages in her duties for MaxAgility in Program/Project Management, Business Operations Management, and DevOps.

Kelly manages the recruiting for our entire Agile placement program as well as corporate operations. She is also an Agile Coach with specialized knowledge in DevOps.


Katin Imes

Technology & Systems

Bringing together human systems and technology in design and implementation, Katin has been using Agile (mostly Scrum) since 2009. He has over 25 years of software development experience, and over 20 years of technical trainer and facilitator experience.

Katin manages the web systems and co-designs company-wide systems for reliability, transparency, and continuous improvement.